Deadline: January 31, 2018 for a complete application and registration fee;

Registration is closed except for the cases of special arrangements made with the invited faculty !  Late fee apply!

 March 1, 2018 for 700 euro deposit. Early submission is encouraged.

Be sure to review the application checklist before completing the form. Please do not leave any questions UNANSWERED!! Only fully completed applications (ALL items on the application Checklist) will be accepted and processed. Applications are accepted after March 1 only if vacancies remain, please inquire by e-mail at

Audition Recordings:

ALL Audition recordings  should be sumbitted ONLY ONLINE  as link(s)!!!

A video recording (youtube format ONLY and NOT OLDER than 4 months) ) for all singers must accompany this application. An Audio or video recording, NOT older than 4 months (youtube link ONLY ) for all instrumentalists must accompany this application. NO recordings with amplification can be accepeted and considered.


If you wish to be evaluated properly, your recording should be of high quality and represent your absolutely best ability.

It should contain two contrasting works (or sections of works) not exceeding 15 minutes. Recent live recordings are preferred. Pianists are requested to send in two recordings – one solo and one – chamber music if possible. Label the recording with your name and instrument. Include a program of your recording. Listen to your recording before you send it to us for quality of sound. A recording of poor quality makes it impossible to judge your performance fairly. We regret that the video recordings may not be returned to you.

Singers, please include one cantabile selection and one containing some florid passages.

Recording is an OBLIGATORY item of every application.  No exception is possible !!!

Email address for all materials (including the audition recording):

Office Use Only:

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